Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Step 1: Sign up and create your wishlist! Create wishlists and registries by pasting the URL of the desired item. Big ticket items are eligible for friends and families to contribute towards!
  •  Step 2: Customize your wishlists and registries to your liking and share! Those who you have shared your wishlist with are able to purchase gifts and make contributions for you.
  •  Step 3: Prezziez handles it from there! Sit back and wait for your prezziez to arrive!

At Prezziez wishlists fall into one of 4 categories

  • General
    - General desired items i.e. clothes, toys, electronics etc.
  •  Registry
    - i.e. wedding, honeymoon, baby shower etc.
  •  Experiences
    - i.e. vacations, outings, activities, etc.
  •  Events
    - i.e. birthday, Christmas, graduation, house warming etc.

  •  NO!
  •  Prezziez does not reveal the personal information of the giftees or the gifters

  •  NO!
  •  Prezziez allows gifters to gift anonymously. You may enter in any name you would like on the gift note or choose to leave it blank.

  • Not at all! Although encourages, Prezziez does not require gifters to sign up in order to gift.

  • Prezziez' service fees range from 7%-10% on all items and contributions. This is used to cover Prezziez' operating costs. 
  • Prezziez also charges a 2.9% + 30 cent processing fee that goes directly to our payment processor.
  • Fees for items are charged only to the gifter. Giftees do not pay any fees for items they receive.

  • If for any reason Prezziez is unable to fulfill an order for a giftee, the amount paid for the item (minus processing fees) will be refunded in the form of a Prezziez credit to the giftees' account.

i. Note that credits may not be withdrawn for cash
ii. Also note that an item purchased completely with credits will not incur a service fee.

  • Good news! All orders that are in the processing phase may be edited.

- Size, color, shipping address etc.
- So long as the change does not affect the total cost of the item you are able to edit it simply by going to the order in question and clicking on “edit”

  • If an item is in the “order placed” phase, you will not be able to make changes to the order.

  • Of course you can!
  • “e” purchases are considered digital purchases and will be sent to the email we have on file for you. Digital purchases are exempt from shipping fees.

You are able to add as many prepaid cash cards to your wishlist as you like, but the maximum you can get on any one card is as follows:

  • Amex: Up to $3,000
  • Visa: Up to $500
  • Mastercard: Up to $500
  • Giftly: Up to $1,000

*Note: Amex, Visa and Mastercard are only available to US users and can be loaded onto Apple Pay for everyday purchases. Giftly prepaid cards are available to both US & Canadian users, but you must have a Paypal account to redeem the funds. 

  • You will receive email notification of the prezzie along with an alert on your profile.

  • When an order has been received by a giftee, they can go into their orders and click “received”
  • Prezziez will then notify the gifter that their prezzie has been successfully delivered!

  • YES!
  • The payment will be returned to your original payment method
  • Note that refunds for declined gift offers will be the total amount spent minus Prezziez service and processing payment fees

  • Wishlist items that have the contribution feature activated have some taxes and fees automatically incorporated into the item price. We do this to ensure a more seamless ordering process.

  • Absolutely!
  • You can manually edit the price of the item. Simply click on the item on your wishlist and select “edit”."
  • We recommend that you manually update the price or URL of the items on your list weekly to ensure your items have the most accurate pricing.

  • Of course!
  • You are more than welcome to create wishlists for yourself while also contributing to others' wishlists.

  • Simply follow the merchant's returns instructions in the parcel/package you received.
  • Notify Prezziez that a return is in process, when we receive notification from a merchant that a return has been received you will receive a refund in the form of a Prezziez credit on your account

  • For example: Let's say you have a $15 item from Walmart on your Wishlist that has been purchased for you by a gifter. Upon attempting to fulfill this order, Prezziez sees that the item is either priced higher than the initial purchase price or is no longer available from the desired merchant. The item is however available at Target or Amazon for the same initial price.
  • By allowing this feature you allow Prezziez to fulfill the order by purchasing the desired item from comparable merchants. Doing this will keep the probability of an order being canceled due to stock inventory or outpricing down.
  • Prezziez will only ever use comparable merchants. i.e. If the original merchant was Neiman Marcus a comparable merchant would be Bloomingdales. If the original merchant was Ulta a comparable merchant would be Sephora and so forth.
  • You may opt out of this feature at any time in your settings.

  • Yes! Giftees are prohibited from adding items that fall under any of the following categories
    - Alcohol
    - Firearms
    - Live animals
    - Tobacco products and certain smoking devices (i.e. Bongs or water pipes)
    - THC items
  • Orders that contain prohibited items will not be fulfilled

  • Presently only giftees located within the United States and Canada can create wishlists on Prezziez.
  • We are a new small business and hope to expand our services to more countries as we grow!

  • Absolutely!
  • Although Prezziez only ships out gifts to giftees within the US, anyone from anywhere can purchase a gift so long as they have an accepted payment method.

  • It is likely that the picture you are trying to upload is an HEIC file. These files are exclusive to images captured on Apple products. Prezziez does not support this specific kind of file.
  • The solution is simply to take a screenshot of the image you wish to upload and this will change the format type. 

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